Donor Transparency

As an independent nonprofit newsroom, transparency is one of our highest priorities here at the Global Reporting Centre. As such we recognize that the quality of our work is not only a result of our reporting process but also of our donors and the nature of our relationships with them.

The credibility of our work is directly tied to the credibility of our funding sources and the GRC Donor Transparency Policy serves as a formal acknowledgement of this fact.

Donation Policy:

  • All donations received by the GRC will be used to further our mission of giving voice to underrepresented issues of global importance. These donations will be used by the GRC to support both the general operation of the Centre as well as directly finance our projects. 
  • Our news and choice of projects are created and pursued independently without influence from our funders. We do not give our donors or partners any rights in the editorial or content creation process.
  • Accepting financial support does not mean we endorse our donors, their products, services or opinions. 
  • We do not accept donations from government entities, political parties, elected officials or candidates actively seeking public office.
  • The majority of donor contributions to the GRC are from identified individual donors and foundations. If, however, an anonymous donation over $1,000 is made, the contribution will only be accepted once a review of any potential conflict of interest is conducted. We will not accept any donations from sources who could present a conflict of interest with our work or compromise our editorial independence.
  • If, under certain circumstances (such as in-kind donations), an individual donor or organization is also involved in the process of our work, we commit to clearly and fully disclosing the relationship.

Donor Acknowledgment and Transparency:

The Global Reporting Centre works to revitalize the world’s news deserts by re-energizing modern day media with in-depth and collaborative reporting on significant, yet under- represented global issues. We are grateful for our donors for choosing to invest in us and will acknowledge their contributions by the following: 

  • All donors will be personally acknowledged by the Global Reporting Centre for their donation.
  • All donors who have contributed over $5,000 a year will be publicly listed on our website.
  • We understand that donors may not wish to have their name publicized for privacy reasons. We respect a donor’s intent and will gladly review such requests (which must be explicitly made) on a case by case basis.

A list of our current donors (above $5,000) for 2018/2019 include: 


  • Don Chapman
  • Eric P. Salsberg


  • The Jonathan Logan Family Foundation
  • Humanity United
  • Kingsway Foundation
  • Ford Foundation
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Mindset Social Innovation Foundation
  • Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Academic Grants

  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Mitacs
  • The University of British Columbia Excellence Fund
  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research