Editorial Independence

The Global Reporting Centre is committed to using investigative journalism to bring underrepresented and often neglected issues of global significance to the forefront. We believe that journalism is a key pillar upholding the wellbeing of society and are committed to lending our work to revitalizing news deserts around the world.

As an independent nonprofit organization we are committed to upholding the separation of revenue and commercial interests from our news coverage and research. Donors will receive no preferential coverage or sway the direction of our reporting in any way. While we accept donations from individuals and organizations, and seek to form interdisciplinary partnerships with collaborators, all editorial decisions, concerns, and complaints will be handled within the frameworks of our editorial structures. 

The GRC will use fair and honest practices in collecting primary information, as well as in its presentation and public access to this data. When exceptional situations arise, we will make the decision-making process clear and transparent to the public. 

As a journalistic organization our mandate is to seek and share the truth. We do so through our work while striving to uphold the highest of ethical practices, both in our reporting and editorial process.