China's Generation Green | A Project of the Global Reporting Program
Artwork by Rita Fei

China’s Generation Green

Documentary Series, Feature Story

How can China manage its dangerous water, contaminated soil, mountains of waste, and disappearing biodiversity? This series is about the generation who are openly and actively fighting to change the trajectory of the country to avoid disaster.

Reporting on China’s Generation Green began in September 2013, and was conducted by a team of ten journalism students in the “International Reporting Program” at UBC’s Graduate School of Journalism in collaboration with seven Chinese journalism students from Shantou University Cheung Kong School of Journalism & Communication in Guangdong province.

Young Chinese adults have inherited an unprecedented rise in prosperity, but the booming economy also brought life threatening environmental degradation. The scope and scale of pollution in China has been widely reported. Less well known are the efforts of young Chinese who have rejected traditional career paths in favor of working to improve the environment of their country.

The focus of China’s Generation Green is on those young people who are trying to make a difference. Five student reporting teams worked across China, focusing on water, food, wildlife preservation, air quality and waste issues. Through a mix of words, sound, video, photos and graphics, the teams tell the stories of these pioneers of the emerging Chinese environmental movement.

Check out the reporters’ notebooks, compiled during their time in the field here.