Global Environmental Justice Documentaries · Focus on Asia

Global Environmental Justice Documentaries · Focus on Asia
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Meeting the demand for a global collection of accessible online documentaries

Recent research has demonstrated a significant and growing interest by educators in a diverse and affordable copyright-cleared collection of short documentaries that address the question: What happens when human rights, environmental protection and industrial development collide?

Bringing the complex world into the classroom and asking difficult questions

Face to Face Media, an experienced producer of educational media collections, has assembled a team of prominent educators who will consider a wide variety of international documentaries and select 20 programs for inclusion in the initial release of this collection. The documentaries will be chosen based on their relevance to a wide range of subject areas and their ability to engage students and challenge them to explore the issues from multidisciplinary perspectives.

Four guidelines that govern the design of this collection:
• Close collaboration with educators and filmmakers in the selection of documentaries
• Substantial investment in editing longer works to classroom-friendly length
• Affordable pricing scaled to the size of the purchasing institution or library
• An expanding, self-sustaining, copyright cleared collection that grows by five to ten more titles per year

Tailored for classroom use and individual study, the online Global Environmental Justice collection is designed for a core market of more than 700 universities and will reach tens of thousands of students annually.

The yearly revenue from subscriptions will allow the collection to grow in size at no further cost to subscribers and become self-sustaining by the third year of operation. Marketing will focus on teacher networks, academic review, social media, filmmaker networks, NGOs and trade fairs.

Produced by an experienced team

The project is directed by Gary Marcuse, an award-winning filmmaker and former programming executive for CBC Television. Mr. Marcuse also holds a Master’s Degree in Regional Environmental Planning from Cornell University. He and producer Betsy Carson founded Face to Face Media in 1986 and have been making documentaries and video collections for more than 30 years, often in partnership with the National Film Board of Canada and publishers Harcourt Brace, Nelson Education and Pearson Education Canada. Together they have edited more than 300 documentaries and videos for classroom use.

Fundraising for 2018 Release

The project is collaborating with the GRC and with faculty from Whittier College’s  Asian Studies and Global and Cultural Studies program to launch a core collection of films about Environmental Justice issues in Asia and the United States. The International Documentary Association has also joined the project as the official fiscal sponsor with 501(c)3 status.

Funding applications are underway with decisions expected in mid 2017. If successful, the project would launch with 20 films in early 2018. Click here for more information.