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Hot Trump. Cool @aoc.

What media theorist Marshall McLuhan would make of today's American political stars.

Calling Out Trump For Attacks on Free Press

Hundreds of news organizations have followed the lead of the Boston Globe, issuing editorials today calling out the U.S. President for his increasingly shrill and violent rhetoric against the press.

Battle Over Power in Turkey

In any scenario, nothing will be the same for Turkey — either Erdoğan will continue to rule the country with more power in his hands, or Turks will give a chance for a change.

Open Letter to Slovakia

As protests and resignations grip Slovakia in the wake of the murder of an investigative journalist and the crackdown on a reporter looking into the murder, GRC director Peter Klein writes this open letter to the Prime Minister of Slovakia.

Reflecting on Israel and Gaza

As the new U.S. Embassy moved to Jerusalem on May 14th, and Israeli soldiers opened fire on many of the thousands of Palestinians and Hamas operatives attempting to cross the militarized Gaza border fence, Joel Bernstein contributed this reflection on his time in Israel and his thoughts on the future of the country.

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