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As the coronavirus pandemic started straining global medical supply chains, we collaborated with some of the leading reporters, scholars and media organizations to investigate why the world was short of masks, ventilators and other critical equipment. Our FRONTLINE and Associated Press documentary is the start of an ongoing project, and is among the many investigations and collaborations at our centre. We need your support to help us tell complex stories, and hold governments and companies accountable. To meet the journalists behind the investigation, join us on November 18th at 9:30 am PST. Register for the Q&A here


We bring journalism and academic students from around the world together to practice and innovate global reporting. By educating the next generation of researchers and reporters, we are helping the media landscape grow and evolve. Our students challenge the norms of global reporting, and produce impactful, award-winning projects. Please support the future of global journalists.


Photo by Kayla Velasquez on Unsplash

The safety and credibility of reporters is under threat. Our Global Journalist in Residence program gives reporters the opportunity to reflect on and advocate for media freedom. Our research arm is undertaking major studies, like a survey of disinformation attacks on reporters around world. Through hard evidence, we are advocating for protection and change to the increasingly-fragile global media landscape. Please support our efforts to bolster media freedom.