Turning Points

Turning Points
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Alcohol dependence in Indigenous communities around the world is a serious health issue — but it’s a topic journalists struggle to report well. Stories often perpetuate stereotypes and ignore the broader contexts and experiences that contribute to alcohol misuse. Reporting also tends to focus on the problems, ignoring resilience and healing within communities.

Turning Points aims to counter the history of “story taking” out of Indigenous communities — and replaces it with “story telling,” in partnership with communities. By using a model we call “empowerment journalism,” we are partnering with local storytellers to share their stories in compelling ways for a global audience. Our team will help craft the stories, but the direction and authorship of each story belongs to the storytellers.

We have created a community advisory board of Indigenous journalists and leaders to oversee the project and provide guidance from their lived experiences and expert knowledge. We will work with storytellers to share their experiences — on their terms.

The finished project will involve community-screening events to highlight the contributions of the storytellers. Videos will be featured on an interactive website, where visitors can contribute to the conversations about alcohol, healing, and media representations by sharing their own stories, videos and art.