Jersey Offshore

The Jersey Offshore coverage is based on a trove of leaked documents that illuminate the inner workings of a secretive, exclusive trust company called La Hougue that from the 1980s operated from the isle of Jersey, a notorious British tax haven in the Channel Islands.

An ongoing partnership between the European Investigative Collaborations, the Toronto Star, the Global Reporting Centre, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and Open Media.

The Global Reporting Centre’s work on this project was generously supported by the TRACE Foundation.

Leaked files expose Jersey’s inaction on fraud scandal

The isle of Jersey has built a reputation as a better-regulated and more transparent tax haven than other offshore jurisdictions. But the leak of secret files from a once-prominent Jersey trust company La Hougue reveals how determined financiers can bend the rules.

Fallout of a family fraud

A leak of a Jersey trust company’s internal records appeared from an unusual source. Tanya Dick-Stock discovered the documents on the grounds at the Jersey manor where she grew up.

The secret of the cardboard boxes

Rarely have the methods of money laundering and tax evasion been shown more vividly than by the files from John Dick's brown boxes. The paper trail suggests that money laundering and document forgery went on undisturbed for many years.

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Who did La Hougue work with in Russia?

Among La Hougue’s clients were businessmen from Russia, including an entrepreneur who in the early 2000s was suspected by Italian law enforcement agencies of arms trafficking.

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This is how money is laundered in Jersey

The leaked files of the trust company La Hougue show the firm facilitated large-scale tax evasion and money laundering, including through the manufacture of false documents.

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