Donate to the Global Reporting Centre

The Global Reporting Centre is based at the University of British Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism, Media and Writing. All donations made to the GRC through UBC’s donation portal will go directly towards supporting the Centre. UBC is a registered charitable organization, which means your donation may qualify for a tax credit. All supporters will receive a UBC tax receipt by email.

How do I make a tax-deductible donation?


Follow the steps below to make a donation through UBC’s donor portal:

1. Visit UBC’s donation portal.

2. The form should auto-fill with the correct fund. Your page should look like the example below:

If it is not auto-filled, type UBC Global Reporting Centre Fund G0578 under “Direct my Gift to.”

3. Next, select either a one-time or monthly donation. You can choose a set amount or customize the amount by selecting “other” and entering your desired donation amount.

4. Click “Next” and input your contact information.

5. Then, proceed to the payment information and input your details.

Thank you for supporting the Global Reporting Centre!