Dr. Paul Evans, Professor and HSBC Chair in Asian Research, UBC School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

Dr. Evans’ research and public diplomacy focus on relations between Canada and China, and on security issues and processes in the Asia Pacific region, and the emergence of techno-nationalism as a defining force in regional affairs. He was a co-founder of the Council for Security Cooperation in Asia Pacific, the Canadian Consortium on Human Security, and the Canada-Korea Forum, and was appointed by the Government of Canada to the ASEAN Regional Forum’s Experts and Eminent Persons (2012). Dr. Evans has directed research centres and programs at UBC, Harvard University, York University and the University of Toronto, and served as Co-CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. His books include The Asia-Pacific Security Lexicon (translated into six Asian languages) and Engaging China: Myth, Aspiration and Strategy in Canadian Policy from Trudeau to Harper (2014).