Dr. Barbara Perry, Director, Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Dr. Perry has written extensively about inequality, justice and the motivations behind hate crimes. Her publications include Silent Victims: Hate Crime Against Native Americans (2008), Policing Race and Place: Under- and Over-policing in Indian Country (2009), Hate Crimes (2009), Diversity, Crime and Justice in Canada (2011) and Right-wing Extremism in Canada (co-authored 2019). Dr. Perry has made substantial contributions to scholarship on hate crime in Canada, including work on anti-Muslim violence, hate crime against LGBTQ communities, the community impacts of hate crime, and right-wing extremism. She has received awards from the American Society of Criminology (2009, 2020), the province of Ontario (2018), as well as visiting fellowships in the UK and New Zealand.