Mr. Don Gillmor, Award-winning journalist and author

Mr. Gillmor’s prolific production includes the two-volume Canada: A People’s History (2002) that appeared as a companion to the CBC series of that name, and his first novel, the critically acclaimed Kanata (2009). He has won eleven National Magazine awards as well as two Governor General’s awards. Yuck: A Love Story, one of his nine books for children, won the 2000 Governor-General’s Award for Children’s Literature. His book, To the River: Losing My Brother (2018), a study of his brother’s suicide and its impact on those left behind, was awarded the 2019 Governor-General’s Award for English-language non-fiction. Mr. Gillmor has been senior editor of The Walrus, and contributing editor for Saturday Night, Toronto Life, Rolling Stone, GQ, The Globe and Mail and The Toronto Star.