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The Empowerment Journalism Media Guide was written and produced by the Global Reporting Centre at the University of British Columbia’s School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. Funding was generously provided by the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and by Stardust Fund.

Lead authors: Britney Dennison and Andrea Crossan

Co-authors and data collection: Sonal Gupta and Katarina Sabados

Editing and digital production: Andrew Munroe

Special thanks to Peter Klein, Global Reporting Centre’s founder and chair of the board, and to the ‘Turning Points' storytellers and production team for their insights.

Our work on the empowerment guide was supported by Reciprocal Consulting. Reciprocal Consulting also led data collection and an independent evaluation/report on the empowerment approach to the ‘Turning Points’ series, which informed the content of this guide. From Reciprocal Consulting:

  • Amy Foreman
  • Sarah Wood
  • Billie Joe Rogers
  • Sofia Vitalis
  • Kim van der Woerd

This guide was developed thanks to a series of interviews with industry professionals who contributed their insights. Alphabetical by last name. Bios based on date of publication: