What We Do

The Global Reporting Centre is dedicated to highlighting important neglected stories around the world. By globally collaborating with leading reporters and media organizations, we spearhead innovative ways to produce solutions-oriented journalism. It has grown out of the successful International Reporting Program at the University of British Columbia, which trains journalism graduate students in global reporting.

Why We Do It

Audiences are interested in complex global stories, but the business model for producing this content has collapsed. Increasingly, issues like human rights, the environment and public health are not investigated and reported thoroughly, resulting in a less-informed public. We will fill this growing void of enterprise global reporting, and at the same time, rethink global reporting for the 21st century.

How It Works

The GRC is staffed by top-tier global journalists. We also support the training of new global journalists, through the International Reporting Program. Responding to the need for thoughtful and engaging reporting around the world, the GRC’s faculty and fellows produce major works of journalism using cutting edge techniques for research and reporting. And, unlike any other journalism initiatives, they work alongside local stakeholders, and follow up on stories long after they have left the country. The raw material collected in the field is stored in a publicly-accessible creative commons library, and is available for non-commercial use.

We maintain editorial independence and strive for the highest ethical standards.


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