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Hidden costs research network

Trillions of dollars a year of merchandise travel across oceans and continents linking low cost manufacturers from developing countries to large discount-driven consumer markets. While the benefits of these supply chains are clear – jobs, goods and commerce – the costs are largely hidden from the public.

This research network, led by the Global Reporting Centre, aims to reveal the consequences of global supply chains. Our investigative team includes seasoned award-winning journalists, who are partnering with leading scholars and students to embark on ambitious research and reporting projects.

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Fixing fixers

What are the best (or at least better) practices for correspondent-fixer dynamics in global reporting? For many years, the GRC has partnered with leading scholars on research projects, workshops, and articles related to this complex issue.

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Turning Points project evaluation

Evaluation & Report by Reciprocal Consulting, Background & Next Steps by Britney Dennison

“Fixing” the Journalist-Fixer Relationship

Shayna Plaut & Peter Klein

This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis Group in Journalism Studies on 31/07/2019, available here.

The hidden costs of global supply chain solutions

Genevieve LeBaron & Jane Lister

Hybrid (un)freedom in worker hostels in garment supply chains

Andrew Crane, Vivek Soundararajan, Michael J Bloomfield, Genevieve LeBaron & Laura J Spence

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