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  • Conflict / Photo Essay

    On the border between Poland and Ukraine

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered what the UN has described as the “fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War.”

    Ali Arkady gives us a glimpse into the lives of people displaced by the conflict, and the volunteers who’ve gathered at the border to try to help.


Conflict / Photo Essay

Strappado | سترابادو

The photos that forced one of Iraq’s best photojournalists into exile

By Ali Arkady, available in English and Arabic. Produced by the GRC and VII Academy.

Photo: Ali Arkady

Conflict / Article

In the fight against Russia, Ukrainian citizens turn to an old recipe

Irem Ozturan on how Ukrainian citizens are mobilizing to build Molotov cocktails to defend their country against the Russian invasion. Produced in partnership with Retro Report and first appeared in Retro Report’s newsletter.

Photo: Tyler Hicks/The New York Times/Redux

Conflict / Video Series

Strangers at home

In Europe, the influx of new immigrants has renewed feelings of resentment towards people with darker skin and “strange-sounding” names. This series documents the rise of xenophobia in Europe. These stories are told through the experiences of local storytellers.

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