Growing Older

Story Series, Short Documentary

Growing Older is a year-long research and reporting project by the Global Reporting Program in partnership with The Globe and Mail. GRP students based in Finland, South Korea, Sweden, and Canada reported from the field on trends in aging on both individual and societal levels.

On the border between Poland and Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered what the UN has described as the "fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since the Second World War." A new photo and video essay by Ali Arkady gives us a glimpse into the lives of people displaced by the conflict, and the volunteers who’ve gathered at the border to try to help.

Beyond School

Feature Story

Beyond School reveals how new curriculums and alternative teaching methods are transforming schools for students around the world.

Inside the factories that make your clothes

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered unprecedented levels of poverty, indebtedness and exploitative conditions in the garment industry, according to the findings of a joint Toronto Star/Global Reporting Centre investigation in collaboration with researchers from the University of Sheffield.

Turning Points

Documentary Series

Turning Points is a series of shorts from the Global Reporting Centre, broadcast on PBS NewsHour, that explore alcohol use, addiction, resilience and healing in the Canadian North. This is not a typical journalism project or documentary. The series takes a different approach, one where the subjects of the shorts were involved directly in their production.

America’s Medical Supply Crisis


The coronavirus has exposed deadly weaknesses in global medical supply chains. Over seven months, our team interviewed manufacturers and government officials, analyzing records, and tracing key medical supplies.

On China’s New Silk Road


Join host Mary Kay Magistad for a new podcast that explores how China’s calculated bet on its new global trading infrastructure—its Silk Road for the modern era—may take it to the top. Reported from five continents, this series uncovers the effects of the most sweeping global infrastructure initiative in history.

Anatomy of a Pandemic

Feature Story

GRC collaborators Dr. Kevin Patterson and Echo Xie look at the history of pandemics, and what we can learn to survive COVID-19.

Medical Supply Chains


This series is part of an ongoing investigation by the Global Reporting Centre, The Associated Press, and the PBS series FRONTLINE that examines the deadly consequences of the fragmented worldwide medical supply chain.

The fish you don’t know you eat

Documentary Series, Feature Story

Twenty-five percent of fish caught in the ocean don’t land on our plates. They’re churned into fishmeal, which is used to feed farmed fish. But what are the true costs of this process?

Stuck | گیر | Sıkışmış

Feature Story

"Stuck" follows the journeys of migrants throughout Turkey’s two-tiered immigration process, and shows the labyrinthine system than non-Syrians face as they try to start new lives in Europe. This project is available in English, Turkish and Farsi.

Dirty Money

Feature series

A series of exposés revealing graft and corruption at the highest levels of government and business. From kickback schemes to corporate funding of terror groups, this partnership between The Walrus and the Global Reporting Centre exposes those who’ve profited from others’ misery.

America’s Digital Dumping Ground


What happens to your old electronics? They might not end up where you expect. In this podcast we trace the global trail of America’s electronic castoffs. Published in partnership with the Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal.

Out of the Shadows

Documentary Series, Feature Story

There are a half billion people with mental illness around the world, but few ever get treatment. There are solutions. People trying to make a difference. This series is about those people.

Wiping Out Rh in Nigeria

Documentary, Feature Story

Around the world children are dying of Rh disease. An illness, which decades ago was defeated in the West. Now, a Toronto doctor is helping to lead an international effort to save hundreds of thousands of babies.

China’s Generation Green

Documentary Series, Feature Story

How can China manage its dangerous water, contaminated soil, mountains of waste, and disappearing biodiversity? This series is about the generation who are openly and actively fighting to change the trajectory of the country to avoid disaster.

Strangers at Home

Short Video Series

In Europe, the influx of new immigrants has renewed feelings of resentment towards people with darker skin and “strange-sounding” names. This series documents the rise of xenophobia in Europe. These stories are told through the experiences of local storytellers.

Million Dollar Meds

Video Series, Feature Story

Canadians pay more for their medications than any other developed country. This video series explores the impact of rare diseases on families and the astronomical costs levied by pharmaceutical companies.

All the drugs that are fit to take


Private drug companies set their own prices, but the actual cost of drugs is often unknown – leaving governments in the dark when it comes to negotiating a deal to get sick people the medicines they need. Families are left frustrated, waiting to find out whether they can have access to the very medicines that could save their lives. This podcast was published in partnership with CBC Ideas.

Unseen Enemy


Experts say we're "due" for a pandemic that will have a greater impact on humanity than anything else happening in the world. This documentary explores lurking viruses and bacteria that may create the next global pandemic.

Canada’s Water Crisis

Feature Story

Many Indigenous communities across Canada have been under long-term boil water advisories. This story is about one community’s fight for clean water. Published in partnership with BBC News and graduate students from the University of British Columbia.