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The Global Reporting Program

The GRP is a graduate-level course at the School of Journalism, Writing, Media at the University of British Columbia. In partnership with the GRC, the GRP provides students with the opportunity to participate in the production of a feature-length, in-depth work of global journalism. This course is available to second-year UBC Journalism graduate students and to students from our academic partner institutions.

The program is run like a newsroom โ€” with time in class focused on learning core concepts related to global journalism, and time outside of class structured around field work and production. Projects are pitched to prominent media organizations for publication. For more  information about the program, student eligibility, or partneships, please visit the GRP website

GRP fellows Sandra Korhonen and Saana Uosukainen reporting from the field for the Growing Older project.

Teaching / Student Opportunities

The School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. Photo: Wikimedia Commons


The GRC offers a variety of fellowship opportunities for students, researchers, and journalists at different stages of their careers, including the annual Global Supply Chain Reporting Fellowship. In the past weโ€™ve helped coordinate fellowships with partners, including the Tiny Foundation Fellowships for Investigative Journalism. Subscribe to our free newsletter to get notified of all opportunities.

Photo: Michelle Meiklejohn

Worklearn opportunities

UBC School of Journalism, Writing, and Media

Through our partnership at the University of British Columbia, each semester we’re able to offer paid hands-on investigative journalism experience to undergraduate and graduate students. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more.

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