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Public Health / Feature

Toronto Star

Wiping Out Rh in Nigeria

Around the world children are dying of Rh disease. An illness, which decades ago was defeated in the West. Now, a Toronto doctor is helping to lead an international effort to save hundreds of thousands of babies. View the feature here.

Public Health / Documentary

Unseen enemy

In 2017, we released this documentary in partnership with CNN Films, explaining how experts say we’re “due” for a pandemic that will have a greater impact on humanity than anything else happening in the world. Less than three years later, COVID-19 hit. Watch the trailer here or learn more.

Public Health / Video series

Millon dollar meds

Canadians pay more for their medications than any other developed country. This series explores the impact of rare diseases on families and the astronomical costs levied by pharmaceutical companies.

Public Health / Podcast

All the drugs that are fit to take

Private drug companies set their own prices, but the actual cost of drugs is often unknown—leaving governments in the dark when it comes to negotiating a deal to get sick people the medicines they need. Families are left frustrated, waiting to find out whether they can have access to the very medicines that could save their lives. This podcast was published in partnership with CBC Ideas.

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