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Meet the journalists and scholars behind a major investigation into how medical supply chains collapsed under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the start of the outbreak, we’ve interviewed manufacturers and government officials, analyzed records, and traced key medical supplies that culminated in a FRONTLINE documentary, Associated Press series, and multimedia project. This is the first of two roundtables examining medical supplies and the pandemic.

Martha Mendoza: Two-time Pulitzer winner and Emmy award-winning Associated Press reporter who spoke with many of the key players in medical supply production, distribution and regulation, and tracked several databases of medical supplies coming into the United States.

Juliet Linderman: National investigative reporter for The Associated Press who conducted key interviews on the ground including with the FBI and members of the White House who are responsible for overseeing medical supplies in the US — including President Trump’s key trade advisor, UC-Irvine economist Dr. Peter Navarro.

Dr. Jane Lister: GRC Research Manager who will offer her perspectives on helping oversee the academic framing of this research.

Sharon Nadeem: UBC Journalism alum who served as associate producer on the documentary will share stories of tracking down documents, data and sources throughout the half-year investigation.

Peter Klein: Professor and Executive Director of the Global Reporting Centre, who oversaw the documentary production, will moderate the virtual workshop. Many of the scholars and students who participated will also be in attendance.

The project has been supported by a SSHRC Partnership Grant and a VPRI Research Excellence Cluster, and the workshop is supported by the Peter Wall Virtual Roundtable.