The recent arrests of human rights activists, journalists and lawyers in India is causing growing concern that the world’s largest democracy is moving away from its liberal ideals. Investigative journalist Niranjan Takle will be in Vancouver to discuss his seminal investigation of the murder of a judge, which highlighted corruption and the country’s political decline.

Background: Niranjan Takle was approached by the niece of Judge Loya to report on the suspicious death of her uncle, who was hearing a case that implicated the president of the country’s ruling party, BJP. Takle’s story has led to a hearing in the Supreme Court, but the case has been conspicuously ignored in the mainstream media — an indication that Indian’s free press is under attack.

Join Niranjan Takle in conversation with GRC director Peter Klein and award-winning journalist (and GRC collaborator) Dionne Bunsha, as they discuss the volatile climate of democracy and journalism that exists in India, and the implications it has around the world.