Supply Chains / Investigation

The economics of global plastics

The plastic industry is making big investments to increase its supply. But where’s the demand? In partnership with NBC News, we launched an ongoing investigation to find out.

We follow the funding, construction, and operation of a new plastic plant in Appalachia — and how it relates to plastic’s past and future.

Animation: Esther Cheung

Supply Chains / story

The new steel?

This feature story gets a first-hand account from people who see the economic opportunity of a new plastics complex — as well as those who “fear a return to a toxic past for a product the world needs less of.”

Written by Hannah Rappleye with the Investigative Unit at NBC News.

Photo: Hannah Rappleye / NBC News

Supply Chains / Explainer

The house that plastic built

Our world is flooded with cheap subsidized plastic. How did we get here? A look back at the history of a now-indispensable industry.

This was an honourable mention for the DPA for Best Science & Technology Storytelling.

Illustration: Esther Cheung