The multi-award winning project from the International Reporting Program, China’s Generation Green, has launched in Chinese. The project focused on the emerging environmental movement in China, made up of next generation leaders who want a cleaner and more sustainable future for themselves and their children.

Students in the International Reporting Program spent a full year researching the environmental issues in China. They traveled to the country during the winter of 2013 to gather interviews and audiovisual components for the multimedia project.

China’s Generation Green was featured in the Toronto Star, the University of British Columbia’s home page and the home page of UBC Stories. As a project that was produced in partnership with Nanjing University of Journalism and Communication making this project fully accessible in Chinese is an important milestone, which will help inform the debate around the environmental movement in China.

This project was produced with generous support from Mindset Social Innovation Foundation. Additional funding was provided by the Ford Foundation, as well as the Social Sciences and Humanities Council.

China’s Generation Green has won numerous awards, including the Edward R. Murrow National Award for Best Online Video News Series, the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Non-Deadline Online Reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists, a Canadian Association of Journalists Award for Online Media, the Edward R. Murrow Regional Award for Small Online News Organization Video Series, and a Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best Interactive Story.