Speaker: Dr. Elin Kelsey, Educator and award-winning author, Department of Environment and Sustainability, Royal Roads University

Dr. Kelsey conducts research into emotional responses to the culture of “doom and gloom” that permeates environmental issues. Her work has appeared in New Scientist, BBC Wildlife, Conservation Magazine, and numerous online sites.

She wrote the scientific brief for Pew Global Oceans, which led to the dedication in 2009 of one of the world’s largest marine reserves, the Mariana Trench National Monument. Dr. Kelsey’s picture book, You Are Stardust, won the 2013 Canadian Library Association and 2012 YABooksCentral.com Choice Award. It was also named Children’s Book of 2012 and Best Children’s App of 2012 by Kirkus Reviews. She won the 2011 International Green Earth Book Award for Not Your Typical Book About the Environment.