Marsha Lederman

Ms. Marsha Lederman — Award-winning journalist

Ms. Lederman covers the film and television industry, visual arts, literature, music, theatre, dance, and cultural policy as Western Arts Correspondent for The Globe and Mail in Vancouver. Prior to this appointment, she worked for CBC Radio as National Arts Reporter, morning news editor, and founding senior producer on Q. Ms. Lederman was also a private radio reporter, news anchor and talk show host. Her featured articles cover themes such as climate change and antisemitism in the arts. Ms. Lederman received the National Newspaper Arts and Entertainment Winner award (2020) for her in-depth examination of art and climate change and a feature about Margaret Atwood’s activity after the death of her life partner. She is a member of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle. Ms. Lederman’s memoir Kiss the Red Stairs: Intergenerational Trauma, the Holocaust and Me is scheduled to be published in 2022.