Dr. Catherine Johnson – Professor of Geophysics, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, University of British Columbia 

Dr. Johnson’s expertise is in comparative planetary geophysics. She seeks to understand the internal structure and the long-term evolution of our solar system bodies. Her research encompasses geophysical studies of Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon and Mars through modeling and interpretation of geophysical data sets such as global and regional topography, gravity, and magnetic and (lunar) seismic data. Dr. Johnson has participated in several NASA missions, including InSight Discovery and OSIRIS-Rex and MESSENGER missions. Dr. Johnson is also a Fellow of the American Geophysical Society and Senior Scientist at the Planetary Science Institute. A media commentator, she has been interviewed by multiple media outlets including CBC’s Quirks and Quarks, Discovery Channel, New Scientist, The New York Times and The Globe and Mail.

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