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  • Microfinance in Cambodia

    The Empowerment Journalism Guide from the GRC is now available! Read the guide at

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  • Trust us: Inside the Jersey Offshore investigation

    A four-part podcast series produced by the GRC and European Investigative Collaborations, in partnership with TRACE International’s Bribe, Swindle or Steal. The series tells the fascinating and little-known story about a trove of leaked documents exposing the machinations of a trust company in Jersey, Britain’s notorious tax haven.

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  • Rice farmers pay the price for conservation in the Mekong Basin

    This series follows rice farmers from Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake downstream to the Delta in Vietnam where the Mekong River joins the South China Sea. Rice farming is a major industry and food source, but is under threat from a changing climate. As farmers face pressure to change how they farm in an effort to…

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