Indigenous Rights / photo series

Beyond school

In a series of photo stories, Beyond school reveals how new curriculums and alternative teaching methods are transforming schools for students around the world.

Produced by the Global Reporting Program’s 2019-2020 fellows.

Photo: Candice Lipski

Indigenous Rights / photo Story

1. Culture/Norway

In Norway, educators, politicians, parents and students are finding ways to incorporate traditional practices into the school system.

Photo: Britney Dennison

Indigenous Rights / podcast

Reindeer school

Listen to learn about the effort to build a stronger education system for Norway’s Sámi people. In partnership with The World. 

Photo: Logan Turner

Indigenous Rights / photo story

2. Language/Nepal

In Nepal, educators are on the frontlines of the effort to preserve the country’s nearly 131 mother tongue languages.

Photo: Alison St. Pierre

Indigenous Rights / photo story

3. Inclusion/Kenya

In Kenya, a new curriculum promises to focus on the needs of individual students, including those with disabilities.

Photo: Candice Lipski

Indigenous Rights / photo story

4. Religion/Pakistan

In Pakistan, a new curriculum aims to pull religious madrassas into the mainstream school system.

Photo: Peter Klein