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Growing older

This series incorporates short documentaries, written features, and data visualizations to look at the wide-ranging impacts of an aging world.

Produced by students of the Global Reporting Program and published in partnership with The Globe and Mail.

An illustration of four older people arranged in a grid

Public Health / Story

1. South Korea

In South Korea, nearly half of women aged 66+ are living in poverty. Yeong-Im Jung is one of them, and collects recyclables to help meet basic needs.

Photo: Yejin Jo

Public Health / Story

2. Canada

In a poll, 85% of Canadians said they’d do “everything they can” to age at home. Quita Longmore shares that sentiment — but it can be challenging in practice.

Photo: Arrthy Thayaparan

Public Health / story

3. Finland

Finland has the highest prevalence of dementia in the OECD. Despite his diagnosis, Lasse Ainasoja says the country is “safe to grow old in.”

Photo: Sandra Korhonen

Public Health / story

4. Sweden

As the world heats up, older people are at high risk. In Sweden, Lisa Högberg and the “Grand Panthers” are trying to hold the government to its net-zero goal.

Photo: Chiara Milford