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Stuck. | گیر | Sıkışmış

“Stuck” follows the journeys of migrants throughout Turkey’s two-tiered immigration process, and shows the labyrinthine system than non-Syrians face as they try to start new lives in Europe. A team of Global Reporting Program (former IRP) fellows, in partnership with journalists in Turkey, spent eight months researching and reporting this complex issue.

Available in English, Farsi, and Turkish.

COnflict / Story

1. The game

Since Europe closed its borders, smugglers coordinate mass crossings into Greece.

Photo: Peter Klein

COnflict / Story

2. The system

Jean-Christian Paka thought his fight for survival was finally at an end.

Photo: Aryn Strickland

COnflict / Story

3. The golden case

LGBTQ refugees like Amirhossein Zolghadri say they’re being offered lucrative sums to help with fake resettlement claims.

Photo: Alex Migdal

COnflict / Story

4. The search

A man’s quest to find his missing family takes him through a grim tour of Turkey’s coastal morgues.

Photo: Andrew Seal

COnflict / Story

5. The network

In Turkey’s satellite cities, refugees have to work together to survive.

Photo: Sharon Nadeem

COnflict / Story

6. The survivor

He offered her a ride home, took her to an apartment, and attacked her.

Photo: Sophie Gray

COnflict / Story

7. The patient

For Karrar, resettlement out of Turkey was a matter of life and death.

Photo: Alex Migdal

COnflict / Story

8. The revolving door

Turkey is increasingly detaining and deporting “irregular” migrants. Some of them are refugees.

Photo: Emma Loy