Hello Andie, and welcome to the Global Reporting Centre. We’re happy to have you on board. To get started, maybe you could tell us a little bit about your journalism background?

I’m thrilled to join the Global Reporting Centre. I recently left Boston, where I was the Executive Producer of the international current affairs radio program PRX’s The World. Before my time at PRX’s The World, I worked for the BBC World Service, NBC News and CBC in London. 

What drew you to work for the GRC? Why did you think our organization would be a good fit for you and your career trajectory?

The past year has been one of profound change for many of us. I’m originally from Vancouver and I made the decision at the end of 2020 to leave the United States and return to Canada to be closer to my family. I’ve been telling stories from around the globe for decades so I jumped at the opportunity to continue working in international news with the GRC. I had also connected with the GRC last year when PRX’s The World  partnered with the centre to air excerpts from Mary Kay Magistad’s outstanding podcast series On China’s New Silk Road.

In your short time at the GRC what have you found and what do you think this place does differently from the previous organizations that you’ve been with?

For most of my career, I’ve worked for large media organizations. The GRC is a place where there is opportunity to experiment and think about how we work as journalists. This is a critical moment as we navigate issues like who should be telling stories and what relationship journalists have with their subjects. As a mixed heritage Indigenous woman, I was particularly impressed with the GRC’s groundbreaking work on the Turning Points project that is currently airing on PBS NewsHour. 

You have decades of experience working in journalism and have held many roles. Do you think there is a need for innovation in the sector? What kind of approach do you think would lead to positive change?

There is an inherent tension in journalism between the need to “break news” and to tell deeply reported, nuanced stories. This has become even more apparent as we have so many choices around how and where we receive information. The GRC emphasizes the power of collaboration—collaboration between media organizations, journalists, students, scholars, and community members.

What are your favourite topics to report on? What kind of stories do you enjoy/want to see told?

Much of my work has been focussed on reporting on gender equity. I’ve worked extensively in Central and South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. I try to frame my thinking around people at the center of any issue. And I am always moved by the generosity of people who share their experiences with me.

Is there a particular medium that you prefer?

I started my career working in television and then transitioned to radio. I think it’s always about finding the medium that works best for the story and the audience you are trying to connect with. Some stories work best as a long read print article or a documentary series and others can be a powerful Instagram story or Twitter thread.

What is the main contribution you think that you can make to the GRC? 

My goal is to share what I’ve learned during my career as a journalist and also to learn from the students and staff at the GRC. This is a time of growth at the Global Reporting Centre. We are launching a number of collaborative projects in the coming months and I am excited at the opportunity to provide editorial, operational and fundraising support. 

Thank you for your time, and once again we’re so happy to have you on board!

Thank you!